Katy Barron

Photography Curator–Consultant

(+44) 7968729196


Jim: A new photography collector

'A little over 12 months ago I started to collect photography.  My first purchase, a Cartier Bresson in a Christie’s auction, was a big step into the unknown for me and I quickly recognized that I needed a guiding hand to navigate this beguiling, and somewhat daunting, world.

'And then, by good chance, I met Katy who has been by my side ever since as I develop a collection that comprises work by old masters as well as contemporary photographers.  My primary intent is to collect for pleasure, rather than as an investment, but I do want to collect ‘good work’ that should at least hold its value over time. 

'Katy is an invaluable and wonderful partner to me.  She has opened my eyes to the breadth of possibilities and I feel reassured to be in such ‘safe hands’ when it comes to considering and acquiring individual works.  Katy prompts and provokes me with new ideas, accompanies me on visits to exhibitions, dealers and galleries (and negotiates with them on my behalf), and is ready to advise me against buying work that she doesn’t think is good enough.  

'Of course, Katy knows the photography market and the various players in it, and I value and need that.  She brings enthusiasm and passion, but also a critical eye, and I trust her completely and have confidence in her judgements.  But most importantly for me, Katy is a delightful person to spend time with, and to learn from, and I feel very fortunate to be able to count her a friend as well as an adviser.'

Alex: A long-standing collector

Katy is an utter pleasure to work with. Considered, articulate, knowledgeable and committed. And importantly honest, open and patient. Not to mention charming, witty and stylish.

I have been lucky enough to work with her for 3 years, I will continue to do so and I recommend her widely and without hesitation. She is a hidden and exclusive find.